Pink planter filled with an unusual but pretty flowers.


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  • All outdoor pots are plastic. Sand is added to the bottom of the plant pot for added weight and stability.

    Dry foam oasis holds the flowers and clear silicone is used to keep the oasis stable.

    Dried moss is the finishing touch to the top of the planter, pinned down by galvanised fencing staples.

    The artificial flowers are mixed materials, silk and plastic.

    All artificial flowers contain wire.

    The actual flower colours may vary slightly to the photographs.

    P & P included in the price.

  • When your amazingly artificial planter arrives open the box and carefully remove them.

    The flowers may need a little titivating to get them just how you want them. The wire in each flower makes them easy to position.

    Flowers that need no watering, no dead heading or pruning, how fantastic is that???

    Here’s a couple of tips to keep your flowers looking artificially amazing.

    The sun may cause the colours to fade.

    To keep them looking their best it may be worthwhile taking a couple of minutes to remove the dirt or dust.

    A hairdryer will blow the dust away and the flowers may have to be repositioned afterwards. A damp clean cloth can be used on the foliage to remove dirt. Kitchen roll can then be used to towel dry any water marks.

    Please do not use cleaning products or attempt to clean silk plants using this method as it may cause the colours to run.



South Yorkshire
United Kingdom

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